5 Security Settings On Mobile Devices You Should Never Overlook

Smartphones are very popular nowadays. Apple was the first to market smartphones by introducing the iPhone. These devices are certainly great and useful; however, there are some privacy and security issues that arise with the use of these super devices. It becomes easier for identity thieves to steal information because of the accessibility of mobile devices. One reason risks to security arise is users do not realize that they should take advantage of the security setting embedded on the phone. Here are some security settings in mobile devices that are usually overlooked by users including you:

The simple and reliable passcode

Password and passcodes are very important in order to secure information. Passcodes are the most readily accessible security feature in a mobile device, yet most people do not take the time to use it. Yes, it is inconvenient to unlock your device every time you use it, but this is also your best tool to fight against snoopers and data thieves. Never take for granted this very simple security setting. Take time to configure it and protect yourself and information against thieves.

Small Business Security 101: How to Stay Protected

Small Business Security 101: How to Stay Protected

Erase data option on mobile devices

Erase data is also another security setting that is not often used by device owners. This is a very important security setting because there are ways to crack passcodes and this option will serve as a safety blanket. Brute force is a very effective way in breaking passcodes and passwords. Brute force works by entering different password combinations in a rapid speed until the hackers get the right password. Erase option works against this code-breaking method by setting a limit to the number of incorrect passcode tries. If the limit is reached, the phone will automatically delete all the files in the phone and restore it to factory settings.

Encryption of mobile devices backup files

Smartphones nowadays are very powerful. Unlike in the past that you will need a memory card to expand the memory space and save more things in your phone, smartphones can use backup and Cloud service. The downside of this is that data thieves can also get information via the backup file or Cloud service. If you have stored backup data, then it is useful if you encrypt it so that your data and information will become safe and secure.

Network/Online/Data Security

Network/Online/Data Security

Updating mobile software and antivirus

Most hackers use the method of phishing in order to access other people’s accounts. To prevent his from happening to you, you should install antivirus software to protect you from malware and viruses. Also, you should take the time to update your device’s software as updates on the software will include updates on the security settings of your device.

Installation of apps that will help locate the mobile device

There are a lot of applications available online that can help you locate your phone whenever it gets stolen. These applications are really cool as it will help you track your phone and also remotely delete private files through the web. Never miss the opportunity to download security apps.

Security is an important issue that must be addressed if you own a smartphone. Never take for granted the security settings and applications that you can use. These are your lifelines and will help you protect yourself from hackers and data thieves.

Finding Your Way Back Into Love: Tips For Dating After A Divorce

You may think that dating after a divorce is impossible, but experts say that it actually is not. Now that a major door has closed in your life, you are in a perfect position to venture into other hallways, push open their points of entry, and see what’s in store for you. With all the new things you have learned and realized, as well, it is in your power to make sure that you get a better result. To help you get started, these five tips below can help:

Don’t forget to realize your self-worth

  • Know that you deserve a good relationship. The biggest hurdle that people who have just gone through a divorce have to jump is the thinking that they are, somehow, unworthy of love and happiness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Appreciate yourself, and understand that you deserve to have a relationship that will nourish your life. That’s already half the battle.

Dating After Divorce: 10 Signs You're Ready To Find Love Again

Dating After Divorce: 10 Signs You’re Ready To Find Love Again

  • Be open to those that spark your interest. There are a lot of factors that stop people from pursuing the objects of their desires. There are, however, a lot of great rewards waiting for those who have the courage to ask for and pursue what and who they want. Being cautious is fine, but don’t let it get in the way of you potentially finding a new partner.

Just take it easy and take things slow

  • Don’t pressure yourself. Sure, you may not feel the need to start texting the first person that you see, after you have signed those papers. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that you’ll never find someone that you think you can be crazy about, eventually. Just let yourself ease into meeting new people, talking to them, and letting your emotions run their course.

  • Move on, when you want to. If you have started seeing someone but you don’t think it will lead anywhere you want to go, don’t be afraid to move on. You owe your happiness to yourself, and discovering it will only happen if you allow yourself to look exactly where your eyes want to take you.

Love Is a Choice Not a Feeling: Reflecting on My Divorce

Love Is a Choice Not a Feeling: Reflecting on My Divorce

Have Fun: Because that’s the whole point

  • Enjoy yourself. Finally, don’t forget that you are back in the field to officially leave those days and nights of torture behind you. Dating someone – even if it’s not the person that you think you’ll end up with –can be an exhilarating experience. Allow yourself to cherish every moment, until you find your new source of happiness.

Getting through a divorce is an accomplishment that you should rightfully celebrate. Dating is one of the best ways to tell everyone you’re now a better person, and you feel like sharing the victory with a new special person.

5 Delicious Smoothies That Will Keep You Cool

The summer season is a good season to celebrate. The sun is warm and you can do so many things during this time. You can go to the beach with the family and have a good time. For the athletes, it is also a good time because they can play and practice their sport. In fact, there are many sports tournaments because the weather conditions are perfect. Because of the warm weather, many people are under the heat of the sun and it is very important to drink a lot of fluids to replenish what the body loses. Drinking smoothies will not only keep you cool but also keep your body hydrated. Here are some delicious smoothies that you can prepare to keep you cool during the summer:

Lemon smoothies

Lemon is considered a citrus superstar because it packs a lot of vitamins and at the same time used in many recipes either as a main ingredient or as an added flavoring. When you consume a lot of lemon, you keep yourself away from salty drinks, soda drinks and fatty condiments. You can burn a lot of fats when you add lemon to food and drinks. It is a good ingredient to make a smoothie to give you a refreshing and healthy drink.

cooking with herbs

cooking with herbs

Grape tomatoes

These are perfect ingredients to make a smoothie because they are easy to prepare and at the same time healthy and delicious. You get a lot of potassium from this ingredient and pack a lot of fluid content to replenish the body’s supply. It is tasty and healthy at the same time while keeping you cool during the summer. On top of that, it is rich in lycopene and beta-carotene to keep the heart healthy and at the same time provides protection from the sun.


If you feel lethargic and dehydrated most of the time, then say goodbye to your old self when you come up with the watermelon fruity. It is packed with potassium and water so you replenish whatever you lost during any physical activity. You will feel refreshed and cool and you will not feel any sign of fatigue. Watermelon also contains low calories and quality carbohydrates which won’t make you fat even if you feast on it. It will give you your supply of fiber and water that you need during the summer season and will keep you away from desserts and cookies that are loaded with calories. It is also rich in lycopene and vitamin C and gives protection for your skin especially under the heat of the sun.

Cathey with an E: The Best Smoothie

Cathey with an E: The Best Smoothie


There are other fruits and ingredients that you can combine to come up with a healthy and refreshing smoothie. Remember that you are not only drink smoothies to refresh yourself. You must prepare smoothies that are refreshing but is also healthy and replenishes your lost fluids at the same time. You can never go wrong in preparing lemon and watermelon smoothies.

5 Things You Should Never Buy New

There are times when people just want to splurge. You have to admit it; there are instances when all you want to do is spend your money on the things you think you need, only to regret spending a fortune on them later on. Worse, you realize that you didn’t need them after all. There is nothing wrong with buying new stuff now and then especially when you really need it. But this doesn’t mean you can just waste all the money you’ve worked so hard to earn. You can always reduce your spending by buying secondhand. Here are 5 things you shouldn’t buy new.

  1. Don’t drive a brand new car

It can sometimes be tempting to buy a brand new car. Don’t even think about it. About 11% of the car’s value is lost the moment you drive it. The depreciation is also very significant during the car’s first 5 years. The better option is to go for a certified pre-owned car. You will see a huge difference between the costs of a secondhand car and a brand new one. Just make sure though that you end up with a secondhand vehicle that is still in good condition.

Things that you should never buy new

Things that you should never buy new

  1. No need to wear new designer brands to look good

You don’t have to buy brand new designer clothes to look fabulous. Fashionistas who are frugal will tell you to go for consignment shops that sell high-end clothes. You can find them both online and offline. Karma Couture and eBay are two sites where you can find designer brands without having to pay the full price. Discounts are always available and sometimes go as high as 70%.

  1. Don’t invest in brand new jewelry

A lot of people buy fine jewelry because of the sentimental value that comes with it. However, you should know that a piece of fine jewelry loses about 10% of its price in the first year. Watches, on the other hand, lose about 5% of its value every year. If you want to grow your jewelry collection, it is best to check out online retailers as well as pawnshops.

TIPS: How To Buy

TIPS: How To Buy

  1. Don’t shop for brand new books and DVDs

You can find secondhand books, DVDs, and even video games online. Amazon and eBay are two of the best places to search for these things. A novel that will cost you $20 in retail stores can be found online for as little as $5.

  1. No need to get a brand new musical instrument

If you want to buy a musical instrument, do not immediately choose one that is brand new. Search online and look for instruments that are sold at amazingly low prices. You will be amazed to see that buying online can make you save hundreds of bucks.

Buying things that have been used previously can help you save a lot of money. Then again, you should be careful when choosing which to purchase. Not all of these things are in good condition. You will only waste your money when you choose a poorly conditioned car, a fake piece of jewelry, a worn out designer clothing, a torn book, and a dysfunctional instrument. Shop wisely and always get your money’s worth.

How To Keep Your Employees Motivated Without Spending A Dime

It is true that a good job is very hard to find. However, every business owner should also know that competitive employees are even more difficult to keep. As business owners, it is important to keep your company filled with individuals who are always motivated to work and help the business to grow.

Support their New Ideas

One of the most important ways that can keep your employees motivated without having to spend a single dime is by showing your support to new ideas. When your employees come up with new ideas for the benefit of the company, it is an indication that they care. Supporting their ideas is highly motivating for them. This can also show that their voice matters in the company.

How to Motivate Employees without Spending

How to Motivate Employees without Spending

There are employees who are smart and nit just a mere employee that follows everything that their boss says. As a matter of fact, those employees need just to be heard for they can be as creative as their superiors as well. If you are planning for a project, why don’t you make a board in your company asking your employees about their ideas? Employees can post their suggestions, opinions, and even ideas on that board so that at the end of it you can collaborate and plan things out. You see, you don’t need to spend too much.

Acknowledge their Professional Achievement

Every employee always wants to be recognized. Recognition or acknowledgement their job coming from the company’s owner or from the upper management means so much to your employee than you actually think. You can give simple certificate for that employee, recognizing his good job. Or you can give him that plaque of recognition. Why don’t you make a program every midyear awarding your employees? That would be one of the great ideas that you can consider as well.

Great Books to Add to Your Business Library

Great Books to Add to Your Business Library

Recognize the Strengths of Your Employees

If you have a lot of employees, each of them has their own strengths that can help your company towards success. Bring out the best in them and determine what their strengths are. This can help them feel that they are needed in the business, thus keeping them motivated to work. You can delegate that employee to an area wherein his skills or strengths are most needed? That way, he will feel like important, and that the company needs him.

Cultivate a Positive Environment in the Workplace

If you want your employees to become motivated to work, there should be no negativity in the workplace. If you want to achieve success, there should be no room for negativity in the office. Address issues in the company right away to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

Your employees are some of the main factors that can bring success to the company. If you want to help your business to achieve great success, you must always make your employees become motivated to work and help your company or business to grow and develop.